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Build your sales engine the right way

We build your sales machine the right way - combining direction with speed.
We draw from our experience in scaling B2B startups to set you up for long-term success.

Working with You

No one has a stronger vision of the future than you

Your vision is there, but you don't have an extra 40 hours a week to commit to sales. We partner closely with founders to put in place systems & processes that will drive you to your future funding rounds

Our promise to you:
Have more time to focus on what really needs your attention
Avoid revenue stagnation and hit your ambitious growth targets
Have an attractive story for future investors
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We Get It

Why you find sales challenging

Our Solution

The WeScaleVentures Programs

Our programs have been designed for startups from the ground up

Our services

Sales Infrastructure

We set up the software tools that will be used on a daily basis and guide your team on how to effectively use them manage the sales process

Systems Implementation & Integration

We set up your software & integrations that will be at the center of everything your team will do

Process Workflow Design

We design step-by-step software workflows and guide your team on how to use them

Outreach Automation

We build software automations to systemically launch customer outreach campaigns

Outbound Sales

We create a step-by-step tailored playbook covering every pivotal point in the customer buying process

Sales Playbook Design

We create best practice, easy-to-use visual sales guides that your team can clearly follow at every step of the process

Prospecting & Lead Prioritization

We provide precise guidelines for your team to effectively find, research and prioritize key customers

Campaign Planning & Management

We develop specific customer targeting campaigns and guide your team on how to maximize conversions

Go To Market

We analyze your target market and design specific distribution strategies to generate demand for your product

Market Analysis

We determine the optimal positioning for your brand based on a complete understanding of your customer behavior

Value Proposition

We create customized compelling messaging to highlight the true value proposition of your product

Targeting Strategy

We develop a step-by-step distribution strategy to generate real interest for your offering

Performance Monitoring

We put in place tracking systems to extract relevant insights, prioritize your sales efforts and optimize your strategy

Sales Analytics & Dashboards

We build dashboards to analyze the effectiveness of your sales efforts

Team Performance

We set up recurring reports to oversee your team’s activity and accurately plan compensation

Optimization Strategies

We use reporting insights to continuously address performance gaps in your sales process & team

Sales Resources & Training

We provide your team with the know-how & resources to interact with customers in a systematic manner

Sales Training

We train your team on the best practice, fundamental skills required for successful selling to effectively guide the customer through the buying process

Scripts & Templates

We provide you with customized templates to deliver consistent messaging during every interaction

Sales Assets

We create customer-facing documents that clearly communicate your value proposition and how they solve their specific pain points

Sales Recruitment

We develop & execute a comprehensive & specialized sales recruitment plan to fill gaps with the most suitable candidates

Recruitment Planning

We determine key roles to fill in your organization and define clear sales-specific qualification requirements

Campaign Setup

We set up an effective targeted outreach campaign to reach the ideal candidates for each vacancy

Candidate Assessment

We conduct a two-level sales-specific assessment process to ensure expertise and long-term fit for the role

Why us?

Your unfair advantage

Our approach prioritizes results-focused execution utilizing the expertise we refined over several years


We know what mistakes to avoid

Collective Experience

We've successfully done this many times

Results-focused Expertise

We are laser-focused on using our top-tier expertise to deliver results


We build with you

We partner closely with founders to implement a plan that works for you

“There are two things that really stood out from working with the team.

#1 they literally act like they are part of the team.

#2 their results speak for themselves”

Walid Saad
CEO - World Of Farming

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